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Education Hub

Here you will find comprehensive articles, webinars, videos and other useful materials on laboratory workflows. Pipetting techniques, contamination control, cell freezing, or equipment maintenance - find a topic of interest in the selection below.

Guide for Cryogenically Storing Animal Cell Cultures

Maintaining healthy, growing cell cultures is a demanding task made more difficult by the everpresent risk of their loss through accidents or contamination. In addition, actively growing cell cultures are not static but, like all populations of microorganisms, subject to age-related or environmentally-induced changes which can result in their ongoing evolution and potential loss.

These problems can be reduced by using cryogenic preservation to stop biological time for cell cultures, effectively putting them into true suspended animation. This guide examines both the basic theoretical concepts and practical aspects necessary for successfully freezing animal cells and managing a cell repository.

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Sartorius Pipetting Academy

Sartorius Pipetting Academy offers training and content aimed at not only beginners to pipetting but also to experienced lab professionals. Pipetting Academy modules are a balance of theory and hands-on sessions. They are packed with tips and tricks that help you get the most out of your pipetting.

NOVA has certified specialists who can be invited to conduct on-site collective training in pipetting techniques. Contact us at

Look also:

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Lab Filtration

Here you will find advice on filtration, ultrafiltration and general laboratory practices.

  • How to choose the optimal syringe filter suitable for your application?
  • What are the specificities of low concentration protein samples?
  • Ultrafiltration and use of concentrators
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What to consider when choosing a plate reader?

As the choice of plate readers is very wide today, choosing the right plate reader can be quite a time consuming process. Several factors must be considered, including: type of detection, additional features, support for device maintenance, and price. To make the process a little easier, here are some brochures, e-books and general information to help you navigate the landscape:

  • ATPlite1step - what are the options for ATP detection?
  • Compliance Solutions with Multimode Plate Readers (IQ, OQ, PQ, validation)
  • Possibilities of the Alpha Technology
  • EnVision® plate reader brochure
  • VICTOR Nivo® filter list
  • VICTOR Nivo® compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • EnSight® plate reader brochure
  • EnVision® compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • EnSight® compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Examples of AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA® and Cisbio HTRF reagent technical specifications
  • EnVision® filter list
  • Microplate overview
  • VICTOR Nivo® brochure
  • Brochure "Choosing the right plate reader"
  • HTRF technology overview and list of the HTRF kits
  • Now there's also available an eBook: Detection Technologies for Your Scientific Breakthroughs.

NEW! Guide for choosing a microplate: Selecting a Microplate Based on Application

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